July 08, 2011


My most precious (material) possessions...  

These rings hold great sentimental/physical/psychological/spiritual value to me...

Clockwise from top:
// custom made v rings from Street Bauble (I don't leave the house without them)
// heirloom from Grandma Dearest (this was her favourite ring and she wore it every day until her passing, miss you Grandma <3 )
// vintage lion head ring I've owned/loved for years, bought from a pawn shop in Sydney
// 3-0 b'day gift from the Mother
// a design by the amazing Taiwanese jeweller 龔遵慈 (...embodies Chinese and art deco in one)

Oh, did you say I have a bit of a ring obsession?

1 comment:

  1. So cool...the ring your Mum got you for your bday is BEAUTIFUL!
    ps. love your manicure :)