May 27, 2011

This Saturday the Spring Reggae Festival is happening at O'Malleys. Featured on the day are the awesome Lions of Puxi, a Shanghai-based reggae soul band composed of talented musicians hailing from all corners of the globe.  For an afternoon of sweet sounds and feel good vibes this is not to be missed!

May 26, 2011


My cousin Sandro and his wife make lights out of Valencia.  They recently presented at the HD show in Vegas, receiving two awards along the way ^___~

Congrats Sandro and Marivi!!  Much love xxx

Check out Lzf Lamps here // More of their videos here

May 25, 2011

Tina Kalivas is a luminary Australian designer I've been observing from afar for a few years.  Her designs border on couture and her attention to detail is totally OCD. One really must laud her in her craft - girlfriend's so obviously born to design. Of course, the late great McQueen must have rubbed off on her just a little when she worked under him in London.

My fave collection of hers is Polyrhythm from 2009.

I'm so happy to see that she's kept the title page on her website all these years - such a simple, timeless, yet wonderful example of flash done right.

May 20, 2011

If your house was burning, what would you take with you?

This single image interview project, The Burning House, asks submitters to choose between what's practical, valuable and sentimental.  Each photo tells a one-of-a-kind story~

May 10, 2011

Bought me a new lappy~

This is, amazingly, only the second computer I've ever bought.  Asus is so trusty that the first laptop I bought in 2001 lasted me four years before it was stolen from my flat.  Insurance paid me out a new one, which then lasted me over five years before I outgrew its capabilities.  It still works perfectly, except that I've finally woken from XP SP2 and 512MB RAM (shame).  Hello modern technology!

May 09, 2011

Whilst cruising ASOS for some inspiration I browsed through their Marketplace and only just now discovered the independent vintage boutiques housed there...

What an awesome outlet for independent e-boutiques!

There are some pretty stylin' ladies and killer wares~

May 03, 2011


I'm a slob and I've let my hair go off the rails for nine months...  So I've got some pretty hardcore two-tone going on, which certainly makes for an interesting braid.